After 571 days of complete silence, I’m back on blogging. It is amazing to see how my mind/thoughts shifted throughout the days. Not only did I become a better professional in my career, but became a slightly different person overall.

And it feels today, that the world is at such a high pace, tons of news, a lot of refreshing on what’s happening. Just to document it out here, there is an ongoing conflict going between Russia and Ukraine (obviously Russia calling it a “special operation” when the rest of the world understands it’s a humanitarian crisis and the start of WW3).

With this, I feel that writing things out help. With all the growing concerns that the world might end tomorrow, my heart is with Ukraine and all the heroes out there. You changed the world already and got yourself in history books.

Slava Ukraini, Heroiam slava! Слава Україні! Героям слава!