You read it right, you amazed?

You shouldn’t be. One thing that people don’t remember is Shopify has been partners with Facebook for about five years.

However, pairing Shopify’s platform and Facebook’s reach will be a fun ride to watch. Especially from a designer’s perspective, do you need to learn how to launch a Facebook shop now? It may be a new position not only for a Facebook Marketing Manager / PPC but also for a Facebook Manager (as one big position).

I’ve been reminded of Shopify since it acquired one of the most outstanding Lithuanian startups - Oberlo. Now it seems like it will stay on the top for a very long time.

What about others? What can we learn from this?

  • Ecommerce will be based on social in 2021.
  • Tiktok will integrate something similar like that soon too.
  • Instagram had already integrated this; however, it will improve since this update, as Facebook, Inc. owns this company.
  • Designers will need to adapt to recent changes as the WordPress/Woocommerce shops will be less and less favorite.
  • Next step for the Facebook shops - voice-based buying process through Alexa?

Damn, 2020, is full of surprises, and everything seems to become better after that failed start of the year.