An overview of the enormous event - better late than never, right?

Recently my fellow designers and I bought tickets for the Remote Design Week event brought by the DesignX team. Shopify, Google, Dropbox, Invision, Webflow, LinkedIn, Zendesk, and boy oh boy… many more companies got their designers to speak in front of the crowd. And I loved it.

Key takeaways:

  • Hayley Hughes from Shopify spoke about difficulties creating products with hundreds of teams working around the world. One lesson learned - when creating a design system, focus on relationships with your users first, and do the system second.
  • I’m happy that I went to Figma for continuing to create a design system for Hostinger. A lot of designers mentioned Figma as a way to go, and the design library sharing is easier than ever.
  • Try not to over-design stuff when adding components to the system. Only add if it is necessary.
  • Design Systems can face outdated products that were made way before the system. And there’s nothing much you can do. Redesign the product from scratch, or remake it step by step.
  • It is essential to have extensively described design propositions. GitLab’s example.
  • Your most precious asset is the people who believe in your work.
  • Glitch’s brutalism design looks kind of hipster, hands down.
  • Again, WHY is the most important thing and should be cleared in the first place.

Stay hungry, stay foolish.