I took about a month off from writing daily. I can’t say much, because we all spent our days at home, not traveling, not enjoying the good weather.

This past month working from home is lovely. I’ve been struggling in the beginning, but now, when I need to decide which tasks I should do - I think about the most significant impact.

Design Thinking

For more than a month now, I’ve been growing an idea of the Design Thinking Framework in every Enterprise. IBM, for example, spent a lot of time to create a Loop framework and find what fits the best for them. Google uses OKRs to achieve the highest results.

At Hostinger, we are using both OKRs and both IBM framework. We do believe it’s essential to have clear goals and objectives for the upcoming quarter and year. We also have sprints and work in the continuous development state. We always try to achieve the most significant client outcome, including happiness and a big smile. And you work on that, day by day.

Daily blogging

The title encourages me to write daily - even though it is hard sometimes. Do I need to?