We’ve always discussed within teams about the best design platforms out there to create the UI/UX. From Photoshop to Sketch, from Sketch to Figma. From Figma to … (Framer X?)

The reason

Today is exactly 10 days I’ve been using Figma. Back in the day, I was probably one of the first thousand to start using Sketch on my daily work. While other folks were still lagging with that Photoshop, I was already baking mad crazy stuff with Sketch, and I loved it.

But today, I felt more and more outdated with the Sketch weird updates and upsells. It started to become laggy, and I’ve used many 3rd party apps to make everything work. I’ve even done a massive design system for an upcoming platform, but still - it was too big to handle.


Recently, I’ve uploaded this design system file to Figma - entirely for free, without getting to the paid “team” thing. And it felt amazing. In about 2 hours, I’ve done all the necessary editions to make sure my components were transferred successfully.


How amazing it is to have one color adapted to fonts, objects, and strokes. One thing called “fill” is everything you need. In Sketch, I had at least 3 symbols for the same purpose. Now, no more headaches.

File sharing

Even though I know that Sketch has Cloud sharing feature, we had a lot of errors working with the files. However, Figma made this top priority, and especially in the world we currently live in, it’s just a huge time saver.

Framer X? It’s a (not yet)

I’ve also been a massive fan of Framer. Since the beginning, I always wanted to be that guy who easily integrates development and design processes; however, today - that’s still not a great option to upgrade to. Weak community makes you feel like you are alone in the design world, and I think maybe, maybe one day.


Figma pretty much took over my workflow in a week. Even though I’m still Illustrator and After Effects fan, Figma fills the gap for the trio. Sketch, however, you maintained well for about three years. I loved you. I recommended you, and now it’s our time to say goodbye to each other.